Root & Branch Therapy Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine
by Allison Fleming

My mission is to provide you with the care you deserve, the knowledge you need and the support you seek to achieve your health goals.

Root and Branch Therapy offers; Acupuncture, Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture, Herbal Medicine, Nutritional Supplements, Cupping, Detoxification & Weight Loss Programs, Ionic Foot Soak, Ear Acupuncture, Reflexology, Shiatsu Massage and Acupressure.

Description of Services and Rates

* Acupuncture- $75
At your initial visit we will discuss your health history, your current health status as well as design a customized treatment plan. Included is an acupuncture treatment, recommendations on diet and lifestyle modifications, herbal formulas and/or nutritional supplements. Allow 1.5 hour for your initial visit and 1 hour for follow-ups.

* Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture with Acupressure- $125
This treatment tightens and lifts the skin, reduces wrinkles and dark circles, stimulates collagen production and the increases the luster of your skin. Included in the treatment is an invigorating and lifting facial & neck massage before and after the acupuncture facelift protocol. Allow 2 hours for your initial visit and 1.5 hour for follow-ups.

*Herbal Consult- $50
Herbs can be used to treat almost any condition. They work by rectifying imbalances in the body. Imbalances are caused by factors such as; diet & lifestyle, environment, viral and bacterial infections, inherited constitution, physical stress, emotions and mental stress. It is essential to determine what type of imbalance or imbalances are present to prescribe an effective formula. During a consultation we will discuss all of these factors and decide upon the appropriate formula. Your choices include; capsules from Evergreen Herbs, tablets from Golden Flower Herbs or a customized powder decoction that is mixed into hot water and drank like tea.

* Nutritional Consult- $50
Proper nutrition is crucial to every system in our body. Unfortunately many of us do not get the required amount of nutrients from our food for various reasons and need to supplement this deficiency just to function properly. Nutritional supplements can also be used for anti-aging and longevity purposes to help; strengthen our tendons, bones, hair and nails, improve mental capacity, vision and hearing, balance hormones, regulate our circulatory system and much more. During a consultation we will discuss your health concerns and choose the appropriate products. I carry Premier Research Labs and Apex Energetics.

This ancient therapy is used to improve blood circulation, detoxify blood, oxygenate muscle tissue and thus relieving muscle tightness and discomfort. During the treatment glass suction cups are placed on the body in the area of stagnation or discomfort. The suction warms and invigorates the tissue which brings blood to the surface of the skin. This blood is then flushed out by the body and the body regenerates new oxygenated red blood cells in the area. I recommend doing this a few times throughout the year for general detoxification purposes and more often for individuals who have sedentary office jobs or who have scar tissue from injuries.

*Cupping with clay mask- $70
This is the cupping treatment (read above) followed up with an ionic clay mask that detoxifies and draws out impurities. I highly recommend this to a cupping session as well as soaking the night of the treatment in a salt bath to help remove toxins from the skin and muscle levels.

*Detox and Weight Loss Programs- prices vary
Each program is customized based on your current health status and your goals. I combine diet and lifestyle modifications, nutritional supplements, acupuncture, cupping and ear acupuncture. This combination helps to alkalize your pH, strengthen the function of your elimination organs, increase your metabolism and reduce cravings. Alkalizing your pH is a crucial component to the success of the program. Once you have achieved a slightly alkaline pH (7.4) you can begin to detoxify your blood and lymph as well as lose weight. I recommend a 3 week detox for your first detox and subsequent 5 day detoxes a few times throughout the year.

*Ionic Foot Soak- $30 for 30 min
The soles of our feet have 2,000 pores and thus can be used to release toxins from the body. The foot soak used is an ionic mixture of salts, minerals, seaweeds, algaes and herbs. (No electricity used) The negative charge in the soak draws out positively charged toxins. The result is cleaner cells and happy feet.

*Foot soak and Ear Needles- $45 for 30 min
The detoxifying foot soak (read above) with added needles to increase the detoxifying effect. The points in the ear regulate the function of the liver, lungs, kidneys and nervous system. They also reduce anxiety, depression and cravings for food, cigarettes or drugs.

*Ear needles- $15 for 30 min
This treatment is recommended to do several times a week during the detox/weight loss program for clients wanting to reduce cravings and withdrawal symptoms.

*Reflexology- $85 for 1 hr, $125 1.5 hr
Our feet have reflex areas that correspond to our organs, glands, spine and other parts of the body. Applying pressure to these points with the thumbs and fingers you can affect the corresponding body parts. During a treatment I massage every point on the foot to assess which areas need extra attention and return to those areas if needed. Hour and a half long treatments include massage on the hands and scalp in addition to the feet. I recommend adding this service to my other services or to a facial. To book your facial contact B.B. Keville, Esthetician.

*Shiatsu and Acupressure- $85 for 1 hr, $125 for 1.5 hr
This form of massage is therapeutic and relaxing. It utilizes acupuncture points to regulate the qi and blood flow through the channels. Acupressure can be used on children and needle sensitive individuals who do not want acupuncture.